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Craftproducers is proud to present 20 Artists, Artisans, and Specialty Food Producers at the inaugural New England Home Show There will be 20 exhibitors in this section. Check out their creations and buy some of their products. Keep the HANDMADE movement alive.

Ronald Wilson, Photography
Jeffrey Nelson, Marquetry Furniture
Cheryl Robbins-Dooley, Artisan Dark Chocolate


Featured Exhibitors

Fun Zone


Benjamin the Clown


In the Moscow Circus, he was a juggling clown on a horse. Once he came to the USA, he had leave the horse behind, and entertain young and older everywhere.

Right away, people realized how much of a clown Benjamin is, and his clowning career in USA took off. As of now, he has done more than 5,000 performances just on the US soil, as well as shows in Europe, Africa and Americas.



Don’t Miss Our Balloon Artists

Catch them between the hours of 12-2PM on Saturday & Sunday at the Marlboro Home Show!



George Saterial (Magician)

What does it take to become magic’s only Two-Time Gold Medal Champion? Only one magician has ever successfully discovered the answer: George Saterial. By merging a truly original concept with classic style, an obsession with perfection, charisma, and tireless practice and work, George Saterial has achieved arguably magic’s greatest feat.

George has become the first and only magician in the world to receive magic’s highest and most coveted honors, the “Gold Medal of Excellence,” from the industry’s foremost associations–The International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians. It’s rare that either award is given–in nearly twenty years they have been granted a combined total of only seven times. George was awarded both honors in the same year.

Watch George at the Marlboro Home Show on February 10th & February 11th at 12 pm / 2 PM.



Stephen Brenner (Magician)

Stephen Brenner is a master at magic, illusion, hypnosis and balloon sculpture. Whether he is performing solely as a Magician in a Tuxedo or as his character D.C. the Clown, Stephen Brenner creates his shows with the audience in mind. Audience participation is a key part of all of his performances, as well as the use of live animals.

Watch Stephen at the Marlboro Home Show on February 10th & February 11th at 12 pm / 2 PM.